Get the Support System You Need to Sustainably Get New Clients, Referral Partners And Investors Every Month Using Facebook...

  …without the stress or anxiety of making big claims or putting up a front.

The only way to make money is to do the thing the people you give money to do...

Money, sex and power is a direct result of effective communication.

Your lead generation and sales problems can only be solved with communication.

Content is how we communicate at scale.

If there is a need for your skill and knowledge and you can make content that creates desire while consistently getting more people to see it, people will pay you.

This is irrefutable.

It's the only way to make more money.

Now, there is no perfect content strategy.

You just keep creating content that is relevant to the campaign you're launching while making it better as you get feedback from the market.

This applies to emails, social media and funnels.

Then you make more money overtime not overnight.

But the only way to get sh*t done is to get sh*t done.

You need more than information otherwise everyone would be rich.

You need trainings, resources AND support.

This is how you actually get clients online...💰

Join a community.

The only way to make money is by transacting with human beings. 

All money comes from other peoples hands. 

The more money you want to make, the more people you need.


Comunication brings awareness to what you do, why you do it and how you do it. 

The more awareness you have the more opportunities you create to get paid.

Build a support system.

If you want to create content at scale, you can't do it all by yourself. 

You need infrastructure.

That team is going to need systems, technology and other people to help you communicate at scale.

It's time to let your creative spirit run wild 🎭

Action bridges the gap between thoughts and reality by scripting, filming, editing and publishing content you  can use to make money.

Introducing the 13 Advocates Mastermind

A global network of service-providers who are ready to wake up and empower themselves with the strategies, tools, and support they need to increase their profits and give back to their their clients, community and family.

We build the community.

We actively spend time, energy and resources to build a community you can make your name known in to get clients.

We give you the content.

Every month, you get social media templates, sales copy templates, funnel templates and so on that we are using with clients paying 4, 5 and 6 figures for.

You use the content.

You then use the content for social media, meetings, sales funnels and parts of your campaign to build your brand and community.

Here are some testimonials and shoutouts from our community.

Russ Ward

"I bought his organic marketing course and I put that to good us. I started bringing in more revenue from organic sources just because I implemented HALF off what he teaches and I had my virtual assistant do part of it it to."

Surya Upadhyayula

"He acted as an ambassador and I generated $1,000 in 3 days. I also got two more referrals from the same clients who paid me. If you want to leverage the power of ambassadors in your business, work with Desmond.

Jon Vaughn

"Desmond knows all about creating content because he's a Content God! He understands that you can use and leverage your content to get people to buy your sh*t."

Nichola Carcandas

"I needed some assistance with my marketing. Desmond has been working with me for just one week and has already helped me close 5 sales."

Chase Snow

"It changed my business. It changed the way I do business. I start a whole other business and my main client acquisition method is organic. It's based around having a compelling offer, making sure everything is as automated as it can be and it works flawlessly."

Morgan Zolko

"He's always there for me and I appreciate that. Everytime I send him a message with a question, he gets back to me right away. He knows his sh*t for sure, when it comes to what he's mastered, what he teaches, which is organic marketing.

Here's the type of content we're creating every month.

This is how we help our clients create, market and sell their knowledge online.
 Content you can use to attract clients on social media.
 Content you can use to qualify clients in your sales process.
 Content you can use to convert clients on virtual meetings.
 Content you can use to onboard clients.
 Content you can use to build funnels.
 Content you can use to manage a creative team.

Meet the founder - Desmond Nanor

Since buying my first online course is 2017 from Tai Lopez, this is what I've been able to achieve.

I’ve helped my clients and students (agency owners, experts, marketers and SaaS companies) generate 100s of thousands of dollars in sales since 2018.

I’ve been using organic marketing via Google & Facebook since 2018 to sell products and services for Clickfunnels, Tai Lopez and myself as a course creator and high ticket service provider.

I’ve been paid anywhere between 4 - 5 figures to build funnels for Grammy award winners, Grammy nominate celebrities, 7 figure entrepreneurs and popular influencers.


 Done-For-You Template: Get templates you can use to pre-qualify clients, sell via virtual meetings, market through email and convert visitors into leads and sales on sales funnels
 Full Access to Our Community: Get access to our Skool community where you can access our chat, trainings, calls and everything else we have to offer
 Assistant Creative Director: Get on calls with Desmond to ask any questions you have about your offer, content strategy, messaging or lead generation
 Behind the Scenes: One monthly call where I share results from marketing campaigns for my own business
 Done-For-You Training: We will meet weekly where I go in-depth about marketing, sales, advertising and psychology to giving you a deeper understanding of the game
 Trip Reports: Monthly reports where I share insights on marketing campaigns I'm running for clients
 Podcast Content: Get opportunities to host or be featured on podcasts to organically grow your brand and get new clients (Hosting and Featured Expert Opportunities)
 Guest Speakers: ​Access to coaching calls, trainings and implementation calls with vetted successful entrepreneurs, creators, copywriters, Saas founders, funnel builders, sales people and offer creation experts
 Done-For-You Team Build: We will connect you with creatives and creative agencies from our network who can help you script, film, edit and publish content per your request
 Access to My Creative Team: Get access to my team of creatives to help you sustainably create content as scale to help you get more leads and sales for your business
 Buyer & Seller Economy: Get access to new potential customers and clients in a community of people who are going to need your offers
 Job / Hiring Board: Our community hires and shares opportunities WITHIN first - we’re giving you the first bite at the juiciest apples in the game. 
 Members Only Meetups: Get free access to private in-person events we host around the world
 Paid Speaking Opportunities: Get  opportunities to get paid to speak on our coaching calls or programs
 Retreats: Get invites to our in-person retreats where we do live creative direction and content creation with my creative team

Have questions? Read below.

 Is this a done-it-yourself, done-with-you or done-for-you program?

This is a done-for-you/done-with-you hybrid where we give you a video trainings, done-for-you resources (funnels, scripts, etc.) and coaching (done-with-you) for you and your team.

 How long will it take for me to build my community and get clients?

Because we have no control over your marketing process, sales process, fulfillment or other people,. we can't guarantee any number of results. 

What we can guarantee is that you get all the trainings, support and resources our clients use to get more impressions, website traffic and sales conversations organically.

 Does this work on other platforms other than Facebook?

Yes. We have platform specific strategies to creating content, getting distribution and getting more website traffic and sales conversations from social media and email.

 How do I know this will work for me?

If you're a service-provider (SaaS founder, sales person, digital marketer, coach, consultant) or creator (YouTuber, Instagram Influencer, Facebook marketer), we can help you build a community online and create more lead generations opportunities organically.

 What is the 13 Advocates Mastermind?

A global network of service-providers who are ready to wake up and empower themselves with the strategies, tools and support they need to get clients organically increase their profits to do more for their community and their family.

Ready to make more so you can do more for your clients, community and family?

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